Check out Medical Assistant Jobs for a bright career

There are many professions in the medical field and one that has evergreen demand in the industry is the medical assistant jobs that play an important role in not only assisting the physicians but also taking care of the administrative work in the hospitals or the medical centers.


Though it is an entry level job it plays a significant role in running the health organizations in a smooth manner taking care of the requirements of the patients as well as providing good support to the physicians in their day to day job. This job doesn’t require great qualification as anyone with a passion for the job and a graduate degree can apply for this position. However having a professional certification as CMA (certified medical assistant) would enhance one’s chances of finding much better opportunities as many physicians look out for medical assistants who are certified by the AAMA.

For this certification one can either join in the regular medical assistant schools that offer professional training in both the administrative and clinical duties covering anatomy, medical terminology and physiology to carry on the job responsibilities efficiently. There are also online medial assistant courses that offer flexibility for one to take part in the course while continuing in their present jobs.

Job Responsibilities:

The job responsibilities of medical assistant jobs include many aspects like clinical duties and administrative tasks to be carried out in the medical centers. The medical assistants are required to take care of right from assisting the patients in scheduling their appointments, filling out insurance forms, handling patient records, bills processing, ordering laboratory tests, providing information and support to patients with good communication skills. Their clinical duties include recording patient history and checking vital signs, assist physicians with patient examination, preparing patients for examination, performing lab tests, administer injections as per the physician’s guidelines, sterilizing medical instruments and so on.

Medical assistants can also specialize in a particular field as optometric assistants, podiatric assistants, oncology assistants based on their interest in that particular specialization.

Work environment:

Those looking for medical assistant jobs should be able to do multitasking dealing with both the patients and physicians to coordinate the services in a smooth manner. They may also have to work under pressure handling many responsibilities for long hours depending on the needs at the time as part of the job. However one can choose to either work as a full time medical assistant or take up a part time job as per their preference in the medical facilities.