Landing the best medical assistant job – what is needed for a perfect medical assistant resume

The number of medical assistant jobs is only increasing and it will not stop rising any time soon. While that cannot be denied, another fact that cannot be denied is the high probability of your immediate rejection after submitting an application for a dream job only because of your resume. There are hundreds of applicants for one potential opening and while a lot of other factors do come into play, what matters more than everything is the power and value of the resume you submit.

It is essential to be a student with certification from the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) if you are in the USA, but there are various other ways to get a degree as well. But for you to get the job easily and with absolutely no inconvenience, an extraordinary resume is all you need.

This is a template for a certified medical assistant resume. Successful following of all these instructions will definitely put you above everyone else as far as considerations for the position goes.

                                         NAME IN THE CENTER OF LETTERHEAD

Contact details (this should include your residential address, office address, phone number and e-mail IDs)


This is the most important section of your resume. Mainly, every potential employer looking for an employee looks for passion, the will to work and immense confidence in the work assigned to him or her. This area is the perfect way to showcase your love and care for the field. It is also essential to outline your goals and aims in this short space perfectly to ensure your resume reflects you perfectly.


Everything from the education received in high schools to additional programs taken during a summer vacation should be written here. Some employers want you to focus on all education received only in the medical field, while some want the employee to write everything that he or she has a specialization in.

The trick here is to put in degrees/certifications that are pertinent (even if remotely) to the medical assistant field.



There are a number of basic skills that students gain along the course of their program. However, ultimately, what sets students apart is the additional skills and tools that they attain while studying. Apart from stating traditional skills, make sure you also elaborate on skills that you have gained via work experience or extracurricular activities.


This is another complicated area in the resume you write. What to put in? What to avoid? What is best left alone in this section?

The only safe way is stating and elaborating anything and everything that you have indulged in. Right from the middle school level, employees should enter all organizations that they worked for. Different workplaces and experiences train the student in different areas all of which are ultimately contributing to the field of medical assistance in one way or another.


Here, the smart thing to do is categorize the employment data. Either by name or by year or by priority chart; divide all the employers and the corresponding experiences into different sections or lay them down one by one.

A cover letter plays just as important a role in your application consideration. The cover letter you submit has to be concise, to-the-point and have the right office tone that an employer looks for. With a perfect cover letter and a wonderful resume, you are on the road to becoming one of the most valuable medical assistants in your community.

Use the above resume and get your career going!

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